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"....Now, rather excitingly, the musical maverick is back. Empowered by t’internet, a new generation of musicians can be as experimental as they like without having to worry about how it sounds to an A&R man. One such artist is Pilgrim Speakeasy, who combines the funkadelics of Parliament with a political and mystical message, the likes of which HOLV has never heard..."


released July 2, 2006



all rights reserved




"...Now rather excitingly the musical maverick is back."
- H.O.L.V interview.

' irresistible musical vision where genres and styles mix and live together in harmony'

' of the most interesting releases this year'

'eclectic, but still charmingly simple'

-Jani Ekblom -

'PS albums are always cool... '

Gary hill - MSJ
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Track Name: Radiators
Now that we are coming up i want to shine all of the time
If we could touch the heart of the sun we could be waking up together.
Now that we are coming up everything seems possible
you can have your head in the clouds if your hands are in the soil

Don't you have problems of your own and the problems that you own
always calling on the phone never leaving you alone now your status symbol's dropping like a... stone
Urban human-centric sages split from nature in the neon ages
simply adore potential of mind while the rivers are dammed and the mountains are mined
Unity of all is the ancient sence but quality is still the main event
Spirit is materials forth and hence garbage in our hearts, souls for rent
Sickness on earth and there's nothing to say - dirty footprints here to stay,
we've waited so long no time left to spend - return to nature's the only agenda.

Package up the magic
Ulterior hands grab it
Package up the magic
'You're words are really ever only gonna be chat
I want ta see you radiate like a russian reactor '


Now we've hit the ground again i cannot shine through all of the grime
I can't even see the sun and there is poison in the soil
Now that we're forgoten again everything's impossible
If we can get the hell out of here we can leave this shit together

Ideal and zeal do not conceal the motivational relation/ships
that sail and crush the whale with cargos of good intentions

Track Name: The Experiment
The experiment is over and the results are pretty bad
If you want to be exploited it's the best fun you'll ever have
I tried living to love everything in this environment so contrived
If material gain ain't your immediate aim it's gonna be hard for you
Maybe i was jumped in the gene pool by a thug in a test tube
Trying to standardise the strange fruit trying to make a concentrate out of human soup
I fell from the money tree it had no roots for me
Tied up in security it's never been so hard to get free

As long as we keep our eyes closed we'll be decieved now
And if we keep our mind shut we'll never feed it and we'll never need it
Put the spiritual back in the physical word the only way now the only way home
Because we are ra people and we're as free as we want to be....

TURN OFF RELAX CONSUME IGNORE everybody knows the score,
pick your pockets for a rich mans war poor mans blood lying on the floor ...


I'm gonna put the whole world on ice while i roll the dice
I'm gonna pay the pay the cost of living twice
Just to turn the lights on in your life
Track Name: Impropaganda
No one seems to realise this profit costs a thousand lives a day
Deep fried and hypnotised you're guilty down to your accessory

What's left of our love will lead us safely on
Until our profit motivation has gone
A generation of sugar blood and virtual tears
Is guaranteed to feel better after a couple of beers
What's left of our state medicine will dull our different minds
But the only ill we've ever felt is ill defined
Trashed world burned world destroyed world ignored world
Child we pass down this broken world and whats left of mother nature
Please don't say anything now you can thank us later


Now the good shit has gone how can we ever belong
What looked like shite was a pure delight
Now the earth is a concrete copyright
Re-arranging the beautifull chaos into an empty new layout
Flush the fashion with the payout
This progress has got me feeling way out
Am i just a red rag to your bullshit

Track Name: Jack and Jill
Show me into you i want to be with you
Roll away the stone i want to love you

You sounded not quite fair and square when i recieved your telegram
Gently jilted slightly tilted partly parallelogram
She tried to blame it on me for a lack of sympathy
An ocean of pain was her history
She wants to give it to me
We had a drug love and the mountains up above us
When i came back down you were nowhere around
Taking your love to town

Track Name: Vibrations
"Folks, it's time to evolve ideas,the reason our institutions are crumbling is because they are no longer relevant.
We have minds that can imagine anything..we are undergoing evolution...

Even though we love you we have to reach above you.

I, on the other hand am an evolved being who deals solely with the source of light
which exists in all of us in our own minds - no middle man required ...but anyway..(Bill Hicks)

Even though we love you we have to reach above you
And now i've got to know me it's time for me to show me what's to know
Even though we love you it's time for us to reach above.

But you know there is a LIVING god who will talk directly fucking to you...
Track Name: Black Mind
Shouting shouting and knashing of teeth
Your gods are devils and it's beyond belief
You fucked up your cultures fundamentaly ill
You can't get released you can't get released and you don't know yourself enough to try 'free will'
There is one true dog and his name is bark
Barking mad aroud the park
Telephone marketing and pyramid sales
Born into shite off of the rails
(was that alright for you George ?
- that was beautifull mate ! )

That's right now throw us erections excitement for bones and we'll pretend
not to care that you've taken our spiritual homes
The celestial ancestrial mother of all sons is shining out of everyone
And everything and the non thing the right things and the wrong things
The wize and the wild will be decended from our smiles
And yet the fathers of fake faces will run the human race down to it's knees
Untill we're picking plastic apples from their family trees

'Well i haven't loved but i have lost,although i have really paid the cost
It wasn't cheap but i'm on my feet and i'm trying hard now just to be sweet
But my brain still thinks and taste still stinks into debauchery eventualy i will
Jump or i will fall and i'll stop hiding behind Jeesus and i'll say fuck you all'

So baby come on, if you want to take me home
Because another few hits on that bong and you'll be taking down the big white telephone
Yea baby come on now i'm feeling like about to explode
Your dyslexic love is saying 'put the mommacuffer where you to go '

It's a black black mind that you live in and it's far to late too late to redecorate
Track Name: Lev'
My soul survives on a unique and freaky part of ground
And when your standard eyes homogenise i'm gonna spread my language 'round .
R&B and shopping malls go so well together endorsements of consumer kind
Blind fat teathered - hip hop sweat shop situation
Sing of bling bling exploitation
We must maintain our flexibility amid such hostility
Iconoclastic dogma central
Stunted funda fuckin' mental
Ego maniacs they're building poverty traps
How can we really forgive you when you're taking our future with you
When reality and government have been removed from you and me
The waves of corporate controll will rise up from consumer seas

Help me Help me I'm almost in the water

I'm looking for the door to esoteric soul but everybody mind controll

When i oil the wheels of my killing machine
It's with the blood of the future and the cream of obscene
I'll give you poison mind, turn your money to time
Turn your circles to lines, your love into crime
I've got god on my side and the word is me
So open up your brain and suck my dictionary
I change the human truth into cruci-fiction
I make William Words worth only urban addiction

Don't touch the lev' , don't touch the lev'
You can't afford it mate, so don't do it again.

(you're 'avin' a fakin girraafe incha mate?)
Track Name: The Great Escape
I know it looked like something
I know it sounded like something
I know it feels like something
But nothing actually happened
After the samples ceace
The money is counted
And the crowd are released
You'll see that you have been fleeced
By a technological dreamcoat
Pulling the bullshit over your eyes
The gilded decay cannot disguise
The vacuum in our culture
The boxes in our minds
Have left us confined
'I'm going on holiday, it's going to be nice , i'm taking the wife and the kids and the rest of my life ,
i'm going to learn how to fix things and make stuff that lasts,
so that in the future the present can come from the past .'

There is a world outside, there is a world ..
When you think it's out of sight it blinds you
You try to hide away it blinds you
Urban decay, the American way
Plastic fantastic flashy and drastic

There is a world outside there is a world....

Give me the elements of water earth air and fire,
Throw in conspiracies and miracles and a pissed up quior
And lift my wings with the palpitations and the skin of the teeth
of political liars and fly me on back to universal nature from the heresy of mankind
If there's one thing more important than the health and safety of you and i,
It's the continued existance of a corporate sign in the night sky

Can you dance to the beating of the metropolitan policing
There's no doubts they come to fight
They'll kick you through your human rights
Swine protecting neon lights

Though it has played many a role will the story ever be told
That this faith was mind controll, but who could be so bold to say
There was poison in our perception, a highjacking of our direction,
At the almightys' behest they were decieved to their deaths
What dignity would be left if this god was to confess?
Would the powers that be atop the christmas tree claim exemption from redemption,
exploitations never mentioned, the universal energy that flows through stars and you and me
demands that organisationally this god be unchained and set free.

There is a world outside.......