Anarchitecture (part2)




released December 12, 2008



all rights reserved




"...Now rather excitingly the musical maverick is back."
- H.O.L.V interview.

' irresistible musical vision where genres and styles mix and live together in harmony'

' of the most interesting releases this year'

'eclectic, but still charmingly simple'

-Jani Ekblom -

'PS albums are always cool... '

Gary hill - MSJ
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Track Name: The Gilded Cage
Indigo children journey to the future
We ask so much of you because there is so much to do
If you see the meaning in amongst your dreams you'll see that evertyhing is basic
But we complicate it
Non stop conditioning, everyone is listening
To the big time that stands still, blocked by clockwork cheap thrills
They line up side by side,
Turn their tricks and claim the prize
If only we could realise there's so much more besides

Money is really energy it's re-directed current see
And we are merely batteries with a lifetime guarantee

And when you tried to sell your soul you couldn't find a buyer
The corporate appocolypse has led us to the fire
I never wanted to be anybody be anybody else
You've got the answer so guide yourself
We're not at home in this world
Institution kills creation
Golden fragments of potential need to be free from intervention

They built a factory in my mind
To fabricate my thinking
But my thoughts were so sublime
That my produce was freaky...

We drop the cosmic cargo in your direction
Your perception is now changed, it's untamed
Will you leave your gilded cage ?
We eat the mystic fruit and we drink eclectic soup
Now we travel down all routes
From our skin is bleeding truth
We cross the borders of the mind beyond the symbols of our time
Destroying meaning of war, peace by peace
Until the hole in the wall is complete
Until the programme in your mind is obsolete

Plant your seed
And plant them deep
Close your eyes
Find what you seek
Turn off your desire
And go to sleep
Reflections are what you meet.
Track Name: Eclectic Shock
Micro went to macro, city massages your mind
And blows it sucks it at the same time
Cessation of creation is a dangerous dream
In it for the money taking over the scene
The machine that beats the rhythm takes the energy from you
It takes it fakes it desperates

I left behind my mind one time an oversight of some kind
I was concentrating camping in my future tents
When my concentration was destroyed by think tanks

I am a side effect of urban domination of the soul
Everybody wants to take control
A by-product of social segregation all in all
Dictated to all, dictated to all

Can you by products of the social segregation in your store ?
Spent your taxes on war ..

Everybody wants to take control....
Track Name: The Divine Line
La la la la la la la la la la la la....ahem

Wanted to lose yourself so you lost it
There was a line of fine and you crossed it.
Track Name: Calories
Tragedy on the evening news
I can't take any more of your blues
The ruffer they suffer the more it's confused
By the corporate nation view
Don't they know this anxiety it causes
Who sanctions political ignorance ?
Can't they see how sensitive we can be ?
This programmed pornography's fucking with me

Consumed by consumption at the vacant luncheon
Impotent eruptions overfed on a diet of mass productiom
Mindscape destruction overfed on a diet of mass production

Too many calories will make you fat boy
'Cause those calories is where it's at now
They'll take us to war over calories
Everybody is needing feeding but it's exclusive pie
All those calories all those hungry hungry eyes.
Too many calories will make you fat boy

We got we got lot's of stuff
But utility is not enough


Make no mistake please it's about calories
One day we will be called 'human' instead of 'consumers'
Track Name: When Life Nearly Died
When life nearly died, denial was heightened
By the short-term minds, to keep their high and mighty
Until the gravity of our future situation arose
And the high fell back to earth
And as they watch the time run out, they punch the clock and it breaks
When salvation is financialy unviable, we've made a mistake
Progress seems a contradiction, still we try to push this fiction
Sold on a dream, but the payment is a nightmare
And you know it, so now you can show it
Shoot the breeze, you won't blow it

You don't have to be so guarded i won't judge you
We can forget the social role play if that's alright too
I know you're pretty far from normal and you can see through
They set our world on fire for pleasure
Destroyed through brand new

Organised to fail, hypocracy is all that's on sale
And when the freedom ship has sailed
Dictatorship will prevail, all be it soft controll
Still puts us deep in the hole
And now we're eating ourselves out of existance
With American persistance
Our mouths are busy munching
The numbers are busy crunching
Before it goes up in smoke
We need to get thought provoked


If you're gonna tear it down
You best tear it down good
'Cause they'll build it up and charge you double
If you're gonna tear it down
You best tear it down good
Don't want to pick your arse out of the rubble
If your gonna hang around express yourself
'Cause represion will cause you trouble